Filming and creating content that is not bound by anything other than Vision.

Ready. Set.


Relive it over and over again. Feel the excitement right down to the little details.

The Untold. Story of Art.


Often unseen, these tools, equipment, delicate skills and hours of labor go unnoticed. Until now.


We tell stories, your story and your day. We break the mold of the typical wedding video. Your day deserves to be it's own unique film.


What's your love story?

You may have seen a couple's love story before, but not like this. Just like your BIG DAY, your LOVE STORY deserves as much passion put into it as there is passion in it.



I may not have sailed the ocean (yet), but I have drank a lot of coffee while creating many kinds of videos. I learned at an early age that I needed to be creative at whatever I do. Eventually, I found that I loved telling stories with film; in fact, it was a passion. Besides coffee, I happen to like wolves because of their mysteriousness, beauty and power. I also believe there are millions of stories in this world yet to tell. Let's tell those stories together. Maybe we can even sail the world and drink coffee. P.S. You probably may wonder what the word VZORY means -- it's taken from my Czech heritage -it revolves around the idea of creating. Na zdravi (Cheers) my friends.

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  • Decorah, Iowa, United States